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16 November 2012

CALLY DUPE, The Kimberley Echo October 1 2012,

CALLY DUPE © Early learning topic of course
Mothers discovered the importance of early childhood learning during a three-day workshop held at the Waringarri Chill Out Space at the beginning of September.

A group of 10 women took part in the course, which included sessions on early children’s reading and writing as well as understanding the early-schooling structure.

Held at Kununurra as part of a regional circuit, the Kununurra workshops were co-ordinated by Perth-based group Indigenous Parenting Factor, Wunan and Save the Children.

Women who completed the course can now present the workshop to other parents in the community and they have gained credits towards certificate III in education support.

IPF worker Jenni Curtis hoped the course would give back to the community. “We want the women who have done the workshop to tell their community to take responsibility for the child’s education from the moment they’re born,” she said.

“Not everything is learned at school, when the children go to school they need to be ready.”

Workshop participant Noelene Bending said a lot of children were not ready for school because their parents did not help them develop basic reading and writing skills.

“A lot of parents think they need things from the school to teach their kids, this course shows mothers they have everything at home to help their kids read and write.”

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