Dural Education Excellence Program Update

5 February 2015

By Programs and Partnerships Manager, Natasha Short

All 12 students are back on deck after their Christmas break and some hiccups in returning to Dural. We have 6 boys and 6 girls at the house (most of whom are from Halls Creek) which keeps the place buzzing with continual activity.

This year, one of our original 2011 students, Justin Mosquito, will begin a carpentry trade in Sydney. Justin entered the program reading at a basic level only, but continues to inspire his peers and those around him with his progress, an example of what can be achieved with the right opportunity.

Dural houseparents, Jeff and Marilyn Smith, remain fully committed to the students and the overall vision of the program, they are doing an outstanding job and bring a fantastic set of skills and qualities to this unique role. Evident is the potential and individuality of ALL our students, whom we are eager to support in order that they may excel in areas of their choice. Sydney provides abundant opportunities to experience more of life, expand knowledge and mix in a multi-cultural environment. Each visit, I cannot help but to admire the courage of the students to be engaged in an area that is so unfamiliar, and we hope that we can help them to make enough positive personal choices that will see them experience success, which in turn, becomes our success.

On the plane home, I read in a magazine – ‘Eudctaion Cahnges Eevrytihng’. It sure does.

Topic: Education