Aboriginal people succeeding through ability, opportunity and reward for effort

Addressing the challenge

There is a clear and obvious need to improve socio-economic outcomes for Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley. While this unacceptable situation is widely recognised, scant attention has been paid to ensuring the development of effective and robust organisations that are capable of partnering with government and the private sector to effectively implement new initiatives.

A critical component of such an approach is the ability of long-term local institutions to harness and coordinate resources from outside the region to achieve effective solutions on the ground in the East Kimberley.

Wunan has a demonstrated track record of successfully implementing projects that create pathways for Indigenous people to achieve tangible outcomes and improved life choices.

Wunan continues to develop its capacity and capabilities as it implements its agenda for change. Wunan’s strong Foundation both enables and ensures the long-term success of the other strategic priorities of our mission:

  • Education – Innovative, long-term solutions in education create opportunities for children, young people and families to build a positive future for themselves.
  • Employment – Delivering direct employment and training outcomes for Aboriginal people to grow independent income-earning capacity and reduce welfare dependency.
  • Housing & Accommodation – Providing housing solutions that underpin family stability, employment and educational opportunities.
  • Welfare Reform – Wunan has long championed welfare reform as being critical to improving the lives and opportunities of Indigenous people in the East Kimberley and our advocacy in this area has been important in building a strong case for change within government.
  • Leadership – Strengthening the leadership and organisational capacity of Indigenous organisations is critical to improving the health, wellbeing and prosperity of Aboriginal communities.
  • Health – Good health and wellbeing provide the foundation for a healthy life. This is why it has been identified as one of Wunan’s strategic priorities. Wunan’s investment in health takes the form of Kununurra Medical, a social enterprise. Kununurra Medical is 100% owned and operated by the Wunan Foundation.

Today, a key objective for Wunan is to shift the balance of dependence of Aboriginal people on welfare from 80% to 20% over 20 years. This objective is based on a clear guiding philosophy that Aboriginal success grows from investing in people’s ability, providing real opportunities and rewarding effort and self-responsibility.