Cathy Binnington (Jawun Secondee) Sleeps to Raise Money for Wunan

14 May 2013

WOW – what a difference a Secondee can make, or is it, WOW, what a difference a Secondment can make?  Regardless of which side of the fence you look from, the answer is BOTH!

Cathy Binnington (Jawun secondee from Target – 2 rounds ago) slept in a window in Target to raise money for her favourite charity – WUNAN!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Target asked its Facebook community to vote for which Target team member they would like to see sleep overnight in the windows of their Melbourne CBD store. Cathy Binnington was one of the two team members voted in, spending the night in the Bourke Street window dressed head to toe in her favourite Target pyjamas (to the astonishment of the passing business folk and partygoers).

 In return Target donated $1000 to her favourite not-for-profit organisation – Wunan. Cathy was an ex-Jawun secondee who spent six happy weeks with the Wunan Foundation in Kununurra in 2012. Recalling her Jawun experience, Cathy says “after spending six weeks volunteering with the Foundation, I was touched by the amount of positive work that they do in remote Aboriginal communities to improve education, housing and employment outcomes”.

Cathy – you are a real champion – on behalf of Wunan, thank you so much.

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