Cashless Debit Card Implementation Update

28 March 2016

For the last five months a group of East Kimberley Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders have been meeting regularly to work through the implementation issues associated with the introduction of the Federal Government’s Cashless Debit Card trial in Kununurra and Wyndham in April.

The Implementation Committee has included the CEOs and Chairmen of Gelganyem, Waringarri, Wunan and MG Corporation, along with the Mayor of the Shire and the Executive Officer of the East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce.

From considering the package of support services required to support the trial, to working through arrangements for a local community panel, the Implementation Committee is working  together to make sure the trial is a success.

“Unlike other reform efforts undertaken by government, it has been the Indigenous leaders of the East Kimberley who have led this reform,” says Wunan Chairman, Ian Trust.

“Without their continued efforts and leadership, the trial would not be happening. Our approach has been based on Indigenous leaders and government working together – and then bringing other non-Indigenous leaders and stakeholders on board to make it happen.

“This has not been about government imposing its will on us. This has been about Indigenous leaders making the tough decisions, backed by government policy, in order to make change happen. We believe it’s a model that could drive reform across the country.”

Topic: Wunan