Burraluba Yura Ngurra Halls Creek Workers Hostel Christmas Party

20 January 2012

Burraluba Yura Ngurra Workers Hostel in Halls Creek celebrated their first Christmas with a shared Christmas dinner, gifts and karaoke. A massive turkey was cooked on one of the BBQ’s which everyone enjoyed together with a delicious selection of salads and desserts contributed by residents and staff.
Gifts for all the children and residents resulted in lots of happy faces and the evening ended with residents and staff alike all singing along to their favourite song choices. All in all there were lots of laughs and a jolly good night was had by all.
Thanks to Jan (Senior Manager, Wunan Job Services Australia) for supplying the equipment, serenading us with her amazing voice and encouraging everyone to ‘have a go’.
Dale and Trish also held a Christmas card making craft night which, although not well attended was a great success with Shantelle (Hostel Resident) finding her hidden talent and passion. She produced some great cards and is now well and truly hooked.

Topic: Accommodation & Housing