Brontae has found her feet and hit the ground running thanks to Wunan’s Workforce Development Team

15 March 2012

It is always a pleasure to receive calls from our past clients who have taken advantage of the opportunities presented to them and value them so highly that they make a decision to give back to the community. After traveling from Kununurra to Perth to study a Cert III in Laboratory Studies Brontae has changed direction and taken up a Business Administration Traineeship with Woodside. One thing that hasn’t changed is her long term goal to study science or media relations  at university.

Brontae loves her job and the diversity it provides her with her daily duties ranging from minute taking to running meetings. In her spare time Brontae is applying to get involved in the National Indigenous Youth Parliament and Local Youth Advisory Councils as well as small community service roles within her community and has a vision for developing a support network for Aboriginal Youth. Despite a one and a half hour train ride to get to work each day Brontae is loving her new job and the new friends she has made as a part of this program.

For a young Aboriginal lady who has grown up in Kununurra to now be looking at opportunities to collectively invest with her like minded friends to purchase an inner city apartment to live in shows incredible maturity and incite.

Brontae recognises that it is an incredibly daunting for young Aboriginal people to move to Perth for the first time.  She is now researching opportunities to develop services and support to make this experience as positive as possible for other young Aboriginal people as well as keeping them out of trouble once in they are in the city.

Topic: Employment