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Aug 20 2012
How many kids to you know who want to invite their teachers home to meet their parents?  Well the kids at Burraluba Hostel do. The kids of Burraluba Hostel were so excited about finishing their invitations that when the Hostel Support Worker Carolyn came home from Billiluna in the evening, all the kids came across to talk to her about it and asking if she could help finish their invitations so that they could give them to their teachers the next day.  Carolyn said “They were so enthusiastic that it was impossible to turn them away”. The dinner was a huge success with teachers, parents and students all enjoying one of Burraluba’s famous Barbecue dinners.     Read More.
Jun 22 2012
Wunan Foundation Kununurra   WA  6743  22nd May 2012-05-22 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN   Hello my name is Gene Greddon I am employed and a apprentice with KGT as a Diesel Mechanical Fitter Argyle Diamond Mines Western Australia. I would like to express my appreciation to Wunan and staff for the opportunity to having a stable, safe, affordable and family environment “home”.  I have resided at Wunan House since December 2011.  My previous living standard was up and down and I did not really have a place of independence as i was living with family or friends, in which at times it was overcrowded and financially supporting others so as I could have bed to sleep in to have some peace of mine for a short while whilst on my Rostered Days off. Wunan House has given me the opportunity the ability and the responsibility to be independent, to remain […]   Read More.
Apr 14 2012
  Salia Tate Banks:- Salia is originally from Halls Creek and has been employed with Liquor Land since 12 December 2011 and has recently been given the opportunity to undertake training in assistant management.  This is a fantastic achievement for a 21 year old to further her career and provides opportunity to transfer to other regions and other departments within the Coles Myer Group.   Read More.
Mar 28 2012
East Kimberley Development Package Transitional Housing-KununurraWunan, in a joint venture partnership with Community Housing Limited (CHL) have been selected as the preferred contractor by the West Australian Department of Housing for the East Kimberley Development Package Transitional Housing program in Kununurra. This program has come from the desperate need for affordable housing in Kununurra for Aboriginal families. This is not social housing, rather 40 transitional houses with the outcome being to see these families transition over a 2 year period into home ownership. Families will have the opportunity to purchase the house that they are renting therefore creating a solid reason and opportunity for the care and upkeep of their home.   Read More.
Mar 26 2012
  Hi! My name is Bronson Duinker. I am eight years old, me and my family are locals at Halls Creek and live out at Burraluba Yura Ngurra, the workers hostel on Duncan Road. We love the bush life, looking for bush tucker, hunting goanna and bush turkey, fishing and swimming.  My mother Jane Gunn holds one of the female boders.  And my big sister, Shilleen Gunn,  she holds the other female boder. How many female boders does that make? My big brother, Willum Duinker holds the big male and a female boder. Can you see the female? How did we get our boders? One day after school on our way back home, we went looking for boders in a trucking yard. We looked under antpits, rocks and in holes where they like to live. We found three boders – one male and two females. So we took them back to the Workers Hostel […]   Read More.
Mar 5 2012
Wunan House was once again visited by the Wyndham work camp boys under the supervision of Andre Rafferty and Hostel Manager Josephine Hart this Wednesday and Thursday.   The boys did  a fabulous job clearing more of the old debris down the side of the house, pruning, removing rubbish and filling pot holes in the drive way.   We think they enjoy their little visits to Wunan House and this time were rewarded with a delicious lunch and homemade scones with jam and cream.   Read More.