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Feb 28 2019
Wunan’s Financial Wellbeing and Housing Hub has secured new funding from the Department of Social Services that now enables us to provide Emergency Relief assistance free of charge to assist eligible clients in immediate need of support. People in financial crisis, unable to pay their bills or at imminent risk of not being able to meet their financial obligations are able to receive Emergency relief support. Considerable staff time has been invested in putting together the comprehensive, winning bid, and developing guidelines around the program so that it works as a capacity building initiative rather than a form of passive welfare.  The new service is inter-connected with existing Wunan services which focus on building self-reliance and helping people pay their bills and reduce the risk of returning to financial crisis situations in future. Financial or material aid may take the form of vouchers for food and clothing, but also extends […]   Read More.
Feb 28 2019
This year has started off with some promising news on funding and services that Wunan will continue to deliver or begin to deliver to build capacity and improve the lives of people in the East Kimberley.   Funding Wunan has successfully renewed a number of important service agreements and contracts this year, including the Remote School Attendance Strategy, Child and Parent Centres, Jobs and Skills Centres, Financial Wellbeing Hub, and PaCE. The board appreciate the amount of detailed work that needs to go into a successful tenders and submissions. Following a recent independent evaluation, negotiations for a new Pipeline to Transitional Housing contract with the Department of Communities are well advanced.   Wunan has been successful in securing a ‘Proceeds of Crime’ (Confiscated Property) Grant from the Department of Justice to support the Youth Hub in Halls Creek, subject to certain conditions. The Financial Wellbeing and Housing Hub has also been […]   Read More.
Dec 12 2016
0013-wun_wunan_pathways_images_v1fWunan House B&B shone at an exclusive Sundowner event recently as it threw open its doors to showcase its unique accommodation offering to local business, community and government representatives. The East Kimberley’s only Indigenous owned and operated accommodation, Wunan House B&B has undergone a transformation over the past two years, with the addition of new Indigenous artworks, a stunning door mural, and locally produced Indigenous textiles. Live music by well-known Indigenous singer songwriter, Peter Brandy, set the scene on a balmy East Kimberley evening as guests toured the rooms and found out more about Wunan House B&B. According to Wunan Foundation CEO Christian Zahra, the aim of the event was to let local business and community leaders know just what Wunan House B&B has to offer. “People were clearly surprised at the very high quality of the accommodation and also thrilled to see so much locally produced Indigenous art and […]   Read More.
Dec 12 2016
0013-wun_wunan_pathways_images_v1cMany local Indigenous people who attended Wunan’s Indigenous First Home Buyers’ Expo recently arrived feeling uncertain about how they might take the step into home ownership, but left feeling confident that it was possible for them. Inspirational presentations from two Indigenous home buyers and senior Wunan staff, along with a range of information stalls, helped open people’s eyes to the range of programs and services that are available to help. Natasha Short, Wunan’s General Manager Programs & Indigenous Leadership, said this is why the Expo was held. “We really wanted to show people that it is possible and that there is support here for them as they embark on the journey,” Natasha said. “Many Indigenous people think buying a home is beyond their reach. Often they haven’t experienced home ownership in their own families, so they’ve never considered that it could be an option for them,” Natasha said. “I tell […]   Read More.
Sep 28 2016
Pathway to Home Ownership_500x213Wunan’s Pathway to Home Ownership program has taken off, with five local Aboriginal families having purchased their own homes since it commenced. Several other families have had their loan applications approved and are now viewing properties for sale, while others are awaiting approval of their applications.   Read More.
Dec 14 2015
Bushtucker_Butterflys_ImageWunan recently commissioned three talented Indigenous artists from Waringarri Arts in Kununurra to paint a stunning mural on the front door of Wunan House B&B.   Read More.