Aboriginal Leadership

15 July 2014

An East Kimberley Leadership Workshop, theme: ‘Be the Change you want to see’ – was held in Kununurra on the 9 May 2014.

This workshop was facilitated by Dr Renu Burr and attended by 20 Indigenous women from across the East Kimberley: those with a strong desire for change and a willingness to be at the forefront of the process.

Wunan sees the development of leaders as imperative to the realisation of bigger visions for Aboriginal people within the East Kimberley. The session provided an opportunity to begin a journey by discussing some of the key issues which hamper our progression. The health of the family home/structure was a common thread impacting many of the individuals present. There was a great deal of passion and strength exhibited by those present – and there was a sense that the future success for Aboriginal people, was in the hands of Aboriginal people.

Wunan plans to build on this first workshop by formalising a Leadership Training strategy; providing both the support and skills to those seeking to lead change in their communities.

Topic: Wunan