Rapley Wilkinson Building & Construction supports Wunan Job Services Job Seekers

11 March 2012

Wunan Job Services in Halls Creek would like to say a very big


Wunan Job Services was approached late last year with the opportunity to supply Rapley Wilkinson  Building and Construction with workers on a building project to construct 18 houses in Halls Creek. They offered a Traineeship in OSH and a Permanent position as a Site Labourer for fulltime employment. This was welcome news as the offer came at a very opportune time as a Construction course had just been completed in Halls Creek.

Since the site has been set up in Halls Creek, Rapley Wilkinson’s Site Manager, Marina Cornelissen, a strong believer in the  Wunan Job Services philosophy that YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE has commenced employing jobseekers as site labourers.  One job seeker is considering taking up a Traineeship to become an OHS Officer.  These opportunities are paramount for the development of the body and soul of Halls Creek job seekers.

Wunan Job Services were unable to enter construction sites in Halls Creek, of which there are three at present, without the correct PPE equipment.  Rapley Wilkinson generously made a donation of 15 High Vis Vests which we are unable to source in Halls Creek, thus allowing Wunan Job Services to access sites. This is a major achievement to be able to get this sort of equipment together here in Halls Creek.

Topic: Employment