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Dec 17 2012
(L to R) Elisha Skeen, Brendan Yeeda, Thomas Worrigal, Justin Mosquito and Krstel Petrevski. PETER KELLYOn 16 November 2012, the Hills Shire Times published the following article written by Evan Steff on the students from Halls creek attending the Dural Excellence in Education Program:- (L to R) Elisha Skeen, Brendan Yeeda, Thomas Worrigal, Justin Mosquito and Krstel Petrevski. PETER KELLY The remote West Australian town of Halls Creek is a long way from the Hills in more ways than one. The heat is stifling, severe disadvantage is commonplace and school attendance is irregular at best. But 10 Aboriginal children have made the challenging journey to take up scholarships at William Clarke College in Kellyville and Pacific Hills Christian School in Dural. “The first term we came here we got really homesick, but then we got used to staying here and we started having more fun,” said scholarship student Brendan Yeeda. “Today I had to do a history presentation on ancient China and I gave a speech using PowerPoint.”   Read More.
Topic: Education
Dec 14 2012
Wunan’s Indigenous Employment Program, Dawn Til Dusk, delivered by Bina-waji Aboriginal Corporation in Halls Creek, achieved an outstanding completion rate of 91 per cent this year. The residential pre-employment program was conducted at Burks Park under the supervision of Bina-waji directors, Roy and Helen Wilson, who supported 30 young men to successful completion of the course. The program established effective work routines for the participants, with a range of activities focussed on pastoral and associated skills. As the name of the program suggests, participants were up and working and learning early each day, continuing the activities until late afternoon.   Read More.
Topic: Employment
Dec 13 2012
My name is Pauline Manning and I am a Djaru woman. I was born at Moola Bulla station just out of Halls Creek. When Moola Bulla closed down as a settlement in the 50’s I, together with my family and many others went to live at Fitzroy Crossing. I spent my early years at Fitzroy and had 4 years of high school at Derby, and 18 months training as an enrolled nurse. I was one of the first  Aboriginal girls that graduated from the Derby Regional Hospital as a trained enrolled nurse.   Read More.
Dec 13 2012
My mother is from the Bard tribe on the Dampier Peninsula, West Kimberley.  My three brothers, sister and I grew up with tall stories about the salt water people, diving for pearls and the Chinese men chanting “olanges for sale”. My father is from country Victoria, with a strong Irish background.  Ever the explorer he left Melbourne and the restraints of mainstream society, heading north to the Kimberley’s. He worked in many missions as an electrician: Balgo, Kalumburu, La Grange and eventually Lombadina where he meet my mother.   Read More.
Dec 13 2012
Jenny Macklin, Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, met with Wunan and community members in Halls Creek to announce an additional $400,000 in funding for Living Change. This was assisted by Senator Glenn Sterle who visited a few weeks ago.   Read More.
Dec 13 2012
We have a had a very exciting time over the past few months in Wunan Housing. The transitional housing program has been our main focus as we have seen 32 new homes tenanted with the remaining 8 not far away. The huge smiles and the pride of the tenants has been fabulous. Watching them fit out their new homes with furniture, pictures on the walls, swing sets and gardens is a credit to them. Many have never had a place of their own to call home and having a safe, secure place for themselves and their children has been a dream that has now come true. The mixture of tenants has been varied from 2 parent and single parent families, brother and sister combinations young and the more mature singles and some great couples.   Read More.