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Apr 14 2012
  Salia Tate Banks:- Salia is originally from Halls Creek and has been employed with Liquor Land since 12 December 2011 and has recently been given the opportunity to undertake training in assistant management.  This is a fantastic achievement for a 21 year old to further her career and provides opportunity to transfer to other regions and other departments within the Coles Myer Group.   Read More.
Apr 8 2012
The Workforce  Foundations Employment Strategies were invited by Kimberley Group Training to work with the trainees on the Home Valley Station (Indigenous Land Corporations) Vocational Readiness course. Over the two days we focused on developing an awareness of employability skills the practical application of these skills to the trainees duties on and off the job out at Home Valley. In addition to this all of the trainees updated their resumes and continued to develop their interview skills in preparation for interviews for full traineeships with the ILC and home Valley Station. All of the trainees on this course have an opportunity to identify what is important to them with regard to their careers and how traineeship can assist them to work towards their goals.   Read More.
Apr 4 2012
Wunan and Bina-waji’s Dawn Til Dusk program has started strongly, with the first 10 participants impressing Bina-waji Director and primary instructor, Roy Wilson in their first week.  Roy classed the group as possibly the best he has been involved with.  “They’re close to the best in terms of tidiness, respect and manners and are giving it a good go,” he said.   Read More.
Apr 2 2012
Dear Steve, Just a brief note to thank both you personally and Wunan for the generous assistance and support you have given me during the period when I was looking for work. Not only did you respond generously with time to my request for help but you followed up with ideas for training, gave me lists of companies to whom I could apply and suggested a variety of approaches I could make to employers, including an update of my cv. As a result I now have employment with KMG at its Ridges Mine. I also have a great resource in the event I need to seek employment elsewhere. Again, thanks for your help and best wishes for the future. Yours sincerely, Mike Parry   Steven Leeder Coordinator Workforce Development Centre … “The Role of the Workforce Development Centre is to provide people with information to help them with their decisions […]   Read More.
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