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Jan 31 2012
Wunan is moving into an exciting new phase of its Living Change initiative. {see living change fact sheet} Over the past twelve months, Wunan has been developing an overall framework for Living Change and seeking community and government support for concept of rebuilding social responsibility and local authority. With the arrival of three new staff members, Wunan is now focusing its efforts on how Living Change could be trialled in Halls Creek. Tammy Sovenyhazi joins Wunan from the Families Responsibilities Commission in Cairns, Queensland, where she was the Registrar. Tammy brings a wealth of experience in the operation of the Cape York welfare reform trials, and will strengthen the relationship between Wunan and the ground-breaking, Noel Pearson-led Cape York institutions. She will be responsible for the recommendations that Wunan will put to government in mid-2012 on the implementation of Living Change in Halls Creek. Emma Carlin joins Wunan from the […]   Read More.
Jan 23 2012
WOW Factor TeamThe Wow Factor program was held on 8 and 9 November 2011. Young local Halls Creek Jobseekers attended. Two days of goal setting, makeup and deportment and communication with support from Kate (Hairdresser), Samantha (Makeup), Dale and Lucy and Nicole and participants were Raymeeka, Dina , Courtney , Nicole, Tianni and Roberta. Michelle Martin (Shire) and Andrew (Photographer) also assisted us.   Read More.
Topic: Employment
Jan 20 2012
Years 11 and 12 girls have been planning what they would like to do in 2012 with a majority of them choosing to go to boarding school for their final years. Henceforth, Tamika Pitt-Lancaster, Liaison Officer/Mentor for the Werlemen Girls Program has been working with the girls to complete their application forms, source identification, apply for Abstudy and open bank accounts. One year 12 student has chosen not to return to Werlemen in 2012 and is busy working with Tamika to find a job. With the Werlemen program heading for some positive program changes in 2012, Tamika is looking for new year 8 girls who would like to attend the Werlemen 2012 new look program. Stay tuned for more news.   Read More.
Topic: Education
Jan 20 2012
Burraluba Yura Ngurra Workers Hostel in Halls Creek celebrated their first Christmas with a shared Christmas dinner, gifts and karaoke. A massive turkey was cooked on one of the BBQ’s which everyone enjoyed together with a delicious selection of salads and desserts contributed by residents and staff. Gifts for all the children and residents resulted in lots of happy faces and the evening ended with residents and staff alike all singing along to their favourite song choices. All in all there were lots of laughs and a jolly good night was had by all.   Read More.