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Jun 15 2012
More often than not there is a win that gives us the heart to soldier on … The sweet potatoes Anton planted last November. On a recent visit to Halls Creek,  Anton showed me around projects at the hospital gardens and Anton was very proud of his harvest of sweet potatoes. Anton plans to attend TAFE for a couple of hours a week as part of the 3 days a week he works.      Read More
Topic: Employment
Jun 13 2012
On Wednesday 16 May 2012, Wunan hosted a community meeting on its Living Change initiative at the Shire Hall in Halls Creek. Around 80 people attended the meeting, which was a chance for people to read the interim community report on consultations to date in Halls Creek, discuss the proposed model, ask questions and receive answers.   Read More
Jun 5 2012
Living ChangeIn the next two months, Wunan will deliver a report on the feasibility of implementing its Living Change initiative in Halls Creek and seek to secure funding to continue the initiative. As regular readers will know, Living Change is a Wunan initiative to rebuild family responsibilities and local authority in East Kimberley communities. Since beginning work on Living Change in early 2011, Wunan has primarily focused on how it could be trialed in the town of Halls Creek. With the introduction of alcohol restrictions in May 2009, the community there has been able to halt what appeared to be an inexorable decline. Now, there is a chance “to create a prosperous, caring, safe, inclusive and proactive community” (Halls Creek Community Strategy 2008- 2018)   Read More
Jun 5 2012
Dural Excellence ProgramDural Education Excellence Program is a 2 year Pilot designed to help Halls Creek young people explore their academic options by giving them access to a number of high profile schools in the Sydney suburb of Dural. Since commencing on 18 October 2011, the Dural Education Excellence Program (DEEP) has made a positive start, exceeding the expectations of all those involved with the Pilot Project.  Currently 10 students are now living in a boarding house with house parents Jamie and Tracey Elliot and their 3 children.   Read More
Topic: Education
Jun 5 2012
Wunan helps disengaged young Aboriginal Women“Giving severely disadvantaged young Aboriginal women the knowledge, confidence, imagination and skills to develop better lives for themselves”, Joodoogeb-be-gerring Werlemen helps young Aboriginal women who’ve dropped out of school to re-engage in learning and education and gain the qualifications vital for employment.   Read More
Topic: Education
Apr 8 2012
The Workforce  Foundations Employment Strategies were invited by Kimberley Group Training to work with the trainees on the Home Valley Station (Indigenous Land Corporations) Vocational Readiness course. Over the two days we focused on developing an awareness of employability skills the practical application of these skills to the trainees duties on and off the job out at Home Valley. In addition to this all of the trainees updated their resumes and continued to develop their interview skills in preparation for interviews for full traineeships with the ILC and home Valley Station. All of the trainees on this course have an opportunity to identify what is important to them with regard to their careers and how traineeship can assist them to work towards their goals.   Read More