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May 28 2013
Wade and his housemates working on his artworkHot of the press- the two boys Benson and Austyn supported Wade at the launch of the Guringai Festival last Friday night. It was a special night for Wade as his art work was selected with his story to feature in a brochure that was reproduced over eleven councils in northern Sydney to celebrate and promote the many local events in the lead up to Sorry day, Reconciliation week and NAIDOC. Wade was gifted a good quality multi day back pack with the story of – ” This boy is going places” in acknowledgment of his art. The whole house actually supported Wade with attending the launch and although we had a speech in response planned, Wade got nervous and didn’t get the opportunity to speak. If you open the link to page two though you will see his words to the story behind his painting and  hotos of his art […]   Read More
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May 27 2013
Wunan is pleased to announce that the RJCP contract for the East Kimberley has been awarded to a joint venture, formed between Wunan and East Kimberley CDEP. This is a good outcome for Wunan, our staff and particularly the Aboriginal community of the East Kimberley. Employment is central to our strategy for change; and this new venture will not only ensure we continue to deliver positive outcomes in this area, but significantly expand the scope and reach of activity. The new organisation, named East Kimberley Job Pathways, will be active in, and working with communities throughout the East Kimberley; maximising opportunities for job seekers and coordinating activities. With a start date of  Monday 1 July 2013 there is a lot of work to be done, with many details to be resolved and set in motion. However we are confident that we’ll be ready and are committed to providing a service […]   Read More
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May 14 2013
Cathy Binnington Loves Wunan and Her MumWOW – what a difference a Secondee can make, or is it, WOW, what a difference a Secondment can make?  Regardless of which side of the fence you look from, the answer is BOTH! Cathy Binnington (Jawun secondee from Target – 2 rounds ago) slept in a window in Target to raise money for her favourite charity – WUNAN! In celebration of Mother’s Day, Target asked its Facebook community to vote for which Target team member they would like to see sleep overnight in the windows of their Melbourne CBD store. Cathy Binnington was one of the two team members voted in, spending the night in the Bourke Street window dressed head to toe in her favourite Target pyjamas (to the astonishment of the passing business folk and partygoers).  In return Target donated $1000 to her favourite not-for-profit organisation – Wunan. Cathy was an ex-Jawun secondee who spent six happy weeks […]   Read More
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Apr 29 2013
Selina_SwanSelina Swan, Wunan Board member, has been nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. The Awards celebrate the extraordinary achievements of inspirational women in business. The opportunities for finalists and winners can be life-changing, through mentoring, speaking roles and networking with an elite alumni community.   Read More
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Apr 26 2013
Ian_Trust_WA_Person_of_the_yearWunan Executive Chair Ian Trust has been named as one of nineteen finalists for the 2013 Western Australian of the Year Awards. The finalists are being recognised for their outstanding achievements across six categories, with Ian selected in the Indigenous Award category. More details on Ian’s achievements can be found on the Celebrate WA website: http://www.celebratewa.com.au/pages/5833/indigenous-award-finalists   Read More
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Apr 4 2013
Wunan has recently completed an analysis of the 2011 Census to ascertain the state of Aboriginal wellbeing in the East Kimberley. After the 2006 Census, Wunan set a goal of reducing welfare dependency in the region’s Aboriginal population from 80% to 20% over 20 years. Over the past five years, this headline figure has improved from 80% to 75%; slow progress given there has been significant new economic activity in the region. The East Kimberley Aboriginal population has also recorded slow progress in other key areas since 2006: 20 to 24 year olds with a year 12 or equivalent qualification has improved from 22% to 31% 15 to 64 year olds who are employed in a real job has improved from 21% to 26% households with more than two people per bedroom has decreased from 25% to 20% private housing market participation has increased from 14% to 21%. While these […]   Read More