Aboriginal people succeeding through ability, opportunity and reward for effort


Wunan believes a good home, together with real work and a proper education for children are the key ingredients for Aboriginal people and families in our region to re-establish control over their lives and enjoy making real choices.

Wunan Employment Services

Wunan is committed to providing innovative, long-term solutions in training and employment for Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley by delivering services aimed at supporting people to transition directly into real jobs or training.

Wunan’s employment programs aim to create opportunities for Aboriginal people to move into and remain in real jobs. By initiating innovative supports for Aboriginal people to stay in long-term employment and by continuing to lobby for employment and training system reforms that encourage economic participation and aspirations of independence for Aboriginal people, Wunan’s employment programs strongly underpin our mission.

Through the following employment programs, Wunan actively supports Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley to take control of their lives.

Career Centre

A career advice service, with offices in Kununurra and Broome, the Career Centres provide a range of career development services to individuals and/or groups (including schools). This is done either face to face or from a distance using help-lines and web-based services. The Centres’ qualified staff can assist individuals in exploring areas of career interest, required training and skills and assist participants to plan towards a future career, including information relating to labour market requirements across Western Australia. The career guidance process is relevant to people who are planning for change in their lives and recognise the opportunity to attain new skills and qualifications which will support them to do this and to prepare for career opportunities.
For more information, please contact the Kununurra Jobs and Skills Centre (located at North Regional TAFE Campus) on 08 9168 9477 or the Broome Jobs and Skills Centre (located at NR TAFE Campus) on 08 9168 9499.

Driver Licence Facilitator

Driver Licence Program – The lack of a driver’s licence is a common and significant barrier for many Indigenous job seekers. Covering both Halls Creek and Kununurra, a program with the Department of the Attorney General focuses on clients referred by various authorities of the criminal justice system. By assisting people to navigate towards a driver’s licence by providing assistance with required steps, including identification, fine payment arrangements, facilitation of court dates and test bookings and ultimately the attainment of a Driver’s Licence. The program aims to reduce recidivism by better enabling people to get jobs. Sponsored by the Department of Transport, a second program focusses on Halls Creek and the surrounding communities which aims to improve social mobility and the legal operation of motor vehicles. For more information contact the Kununurra office on 08 9168 3881 or the Halls Creek office on 9166 5740.

Download our Employment Fact Sheet: Employment Programs

East Kimberley Job Pathways

East Kimberley Job Pathways (EKJP) is a partnership venture between Wunan Foundation and East Kimberley CDEP. EKJP delivers the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) across the East Kimberley, to provide local community members with a path to employment, establish independence, and secure a better life for their families. RJCP is a case management model, tailoring services to individual needs. This may include direct employment, training and skills development and career guidance; all designed to meet the aspirations and objectives of the client. Additionally, job seekers may take part in activities in their community to learn new skills and deliver worthwhile benefits to the community, while developing positive social norms in preparation for working life.

By linking clients to appropriate services, programs and opportunities, East Kimberley Job Pathways is striving to provide opportunities to community members and bring an end to passive welfare across the East Kimberley region.

For information contact your local EKJP office: Kununurra 08 9148 2200; Halls Creek 08 9168 9000; Wyndham 08 9161 4590; Warmun 08 9167 8941.